Corporate Overview

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The mission of AirshipAl Consulting is to bring together specialized operational, marketing and technical expertise in the airship industry to provide highest quality, innovative services to airship manufacturers, operators and end users.

  • Airship Marketing & Brokerage
  • Sightseeing Flight Operation Development
  • Blimp Port Creation & Management
  • Airship Collectibles Conceptualization, Sourcing, Wholesale/Retail Marketing/Supply

~ Alan Gross ~

  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Blimp Port Development
  • Museum Creation & Management
  • Video & Photographic Archiving
  • Blimp Flight Operations

Also, Member of the Airship Association, Naval Airship Association, and the Lighter-Than-Air Society...

  • "Matchmaker" of the airship industry
  • AirshipAl is well known to airship manufacturers and operators worldwide
  • Demand Side - Advises prospective advertising clients and prospective start-up operators on applicability and availability of airships types, and makes formal proposals on behalf of manufacturers, owners and operators
  • Supply Side - Contracts to identify and introduce potential clients to manufacturers, owners and operators, for specific available airships or for new airship production slots
  • AirshipAl places great importance on developing and maintaining trust and good working relationships between suppliers and potential clients
  • Airports worldwide are becoming more congested
  • Undeveloped airport land is being sold for development
  • High real estate costs around cities open land must be preserved
  • Blimps do not need runways or extensive passenger handling facilities
  • Bare grass area and a simple building are all that are needed
  • Blimp operations are self-contained
  • Blimps are community friendly
  • A blimp port may be only way to save an open space from development
  • Blimp operations are labor intensive, providing local employment, business income and tax revenue
  • Airship marketing
  • Public relations
  • Video and photographic artifact location, acquisition, documenting, handling, displaying and archiving
  • Historic airship artifact location, acquisition, documenting, handling, displaying and storing
  • Aviation museum foundation and management
  • Airship flight and ground crew recruitment
AirshipAl Consulting

Alan Gross
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