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AirshipAl's Videos

My obsession with airships began in 1964 when two Goodyear blimps moored at Flushing Airport for the summer and allowed me to observe and fall in love with those flying behemoths.

Over the last few decades, I was fortunate to live my dream and document many wonderful encounters and flights aboard a plethora of blimps. I posted some of these experiences on YouTube for all to enjoy. Imagine a flight, one of the world's slowest aircraft with the fastest talking woman, Fran Capo, as well as her family.

I attended the christening of a few airships including a new technology Zeppelin on the day of the first Zeppelin flight in Friedrichshafen, Germany one hundred years earlier!

Four blimps flew over Akron after a new airship was christened in 2002.

I videotaped artwork by Burt Dodge, the world's most prolific airship painter and artist. I convinced him to do portraits of airships that he painted since 1986. Two of the videos feature music by FLYER, who I've known since the early 1980's.

I hope you enjoy these YouTube contributions as much as I enjoyed the experiences.

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