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AirshipAl's Videos: Zeppelin NT (2011)

  • Zeppelin NT Eureka East Coast Visit 2011

    At long last... a Zeppelin NT flew around the island of Manhattan on Monday, June 6, 2011. It was a truly amazing sight! The airship, owned by Airship Ventures, is advertising for Farmers Insurance. It's current base is in north Philly. It spent a little over an hour in an around the NYC area. Here's what the flight looked like from my living room window.

    Enjoy this visit to witness the landing of the Farmers Insurance Zeppelin NT operated by Airship Ventures. Technical Manager/Inspector, Matt Kilkerr, narrated the Zeppelin's landing at the Northeast Philadelphia Airport.

    I would like to publicly thank Brian Hall, staff, and flight crew of Airship Ventures for allowing me this opportunity to experience one of the best airship flights I've ever experienced. In a word...unbelievable!!! The pilot, Jim Dexter, is an old friend. We've worked together in the past on the Goodyear and WDL blimps. I've flown with Jim on the WDL blimp, a Lightship, and now a Zeppelin!!!

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